Magic Mushroom Powder Recipe - Shroomibles Edibles

Updated: Feb 3

Magic Mushroom Powder Recipe - Shroomibles Edibles Stoner Strategies

While you can grab a handful of shrooms and eat them as they are or with a handful of peanut butter candies with a colorful hard outer shell, you know the ones I'm talking about, for a consistent dose creating psilocybin powder is the easiest way to consume psilocybin, therefore, giving you more control over your overall experiences with shrooms. Not only does it provide more control through consistency but it also is the easiest way to dose. Creating psilocybin powder requires the mushrooms to be completely dry before being pulverized in a coffee grinder. Because the particles of the shrooms can get stick to the grinder blades of the coffee grinder is strongly advised to have a specific coffee grinder that is strictly for use with shrooms and properly labeled.

3 Ways to Dry Out Shrooms

1. Leave the fresh shrooms out on a towel to dry

Lay the shrooms evenly out on a towel to dry or to decrease the dry time you can also use a fan set to low pointing to the shrooms.

2. Using a food dehydrator set to low

This is the best option for drying out shrooms without losing potency like you would with drying in the oven. This is also the best choice for those who are in humid climates.

3. The old school tried-and-true method