How to Store Magic Mushrooms

Updated: Feb 3

How to Store Magic Mushrooms Stoner Strategies

Fresh shrooms and truffles can be wrapped in a paper bag or kitchen towel and stored in the refrigerator for up to a month. The moisture in the refrigerator will eventually cause the shrooms to go bad, however, truffles that are vacuum-sealed can last for up to 3 months due to their natural dryness.

For long-term storage of psilocybin, they need to be dried properly to eliminate the opportunity for bacteria to grow. Learn how to dry out fresh mushrooms here.

Once the mushrooms and truffles are dry pulverize into a powder with a coffee grinder. Do not remove the lid of the coffee grinder for at least 30 minutes. When removing the lid be careful to not shake or cause the powder to move to prevent inhalation of the hallucinogenic spores in the air and accidental dosing.

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