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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Downstem

Photo by Pixabay Published June 05, 2017 Updated May 14, 2020

A downstem is a long straight tube glass piece that sits in your pipe’s joint usually extending at a slight angle into the main chamber of your smoking piece.  Most downstems feature slits or holes allowing for extra filtration and an even cooler hit.  Most pipes come with a removable downstem, while others are usually held in place by a rubber grommet.  Downstem accessories & replacements are available in a wide variety of shapes & sizes, so it’s important to consider how your replacement downstem will fit in your pipe before completing your purchase.

Stoner Strategies follows the industry standard when measuring our downstems.  As with any head shop we measure joint size as well as the downstem length.  Downstem length is measured from past the ground joint & the diffusion tip of the downstem.  Correct measurements are essential as you do not want the end of the stem hitting the base of your pipe causing possible damage to both your pipe and downstem. 

Downstems are exclusive to pipes with female joints due to the fact that the downstem sits within the joint.  Another measurement to consider when purchasing a new downstem is the joint size.  Joints come in three major sizes: 10mm (not as common as the 14mm & 19mm options), 14.5mm (sometimes advertised as 14mm), and 18.8mm (sometimes advertised as 19mm). Finally, you will need to measure the length of the downstem simply by measuring your old downstem with a ruler.  If your downstem is broken or if you are buying a downstem to upgrade from a different adapter or attachment you can insert a pencil where you would put your downstem while making sure the pencil does not hit the bottom base, marking the pencil & measuring the pencil to the notch you've made.    

Firecut downstems clog easily but are superior in preserving flavor.  The classic & most common design for the downstem features slits at the filtration end allowing for a tried & true diffusion method.  Shop the downstem collection today at Stoner Strategies & experience something new!

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