Sprinkler Perc's 101

Photo by HustleCommerce.com Published August 08, 2017 Updated May 13, 2020

Looking for a dope bong with a unique perc system that won't leave your throat burning and your lungs feeling crushed?  The sprinkler perc is specifically designed for creating cool smooth hits that won't make you feel like you're dying after each toke.  

JM Flow Sci Glass is well known for their high-quality glass products featuring innovations unseen by any other glass brand within the industry with some seriously sick percs such as the sprinkler perc.  The company's founder, Jose Navarette, has been killing the American glass game for years getting his start working for infamous glass companies such as Cal Glass, Glass Werk, Hitman, Sovereignty, and Zob.

The design of a sprinkler perc resembles a firework with 4 to 50 arms shooting out and is designed to create one of the smoothest pulls each and every time you use your glass piece.  The functionality of a sprinkler perc allows more of the smoke to go through the water in small bubbles; the more bubbles generated from the perc the more smooth the hit will be.  The size and number of arms on your sprinkler perc creates a bouncing effect with the water smoke and the body of your water pipe or dab rig.  These percolators are known for their optimal diffusion abilities and smooth smoking experience.  

Stoner Strategies always provides our customers with the highest quality of glass and easy to contact customer service options. Browse our dab rigs and bongs with various perc designs and let us know your favorite perc style!

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