Jolly Rancher Cannabis Cotton Candy

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Jolly Rancher Cannabis Cotton Candy Stoner Strategies

Cannabis cotton candy is real and totally doable if you've got a cotton candy machine that you can order online for $50 for nothing fancy or check out your local marketplaces and flea markets where you can probably score a personal cotton candy machine for super cheap. This cannabis cotton candy can be enjoyed on its own or used as a garnish for cocktails such as my favorite cannabis infused cotton candy cocktail!


  • 3 cannabis infused jolly rancher hard candies, crushed to dust

  • 2 scoops flossine concentrate


  1. In a small bowl add the cannabis infused hard candy dust and add the flossine gradually. A smooth and fine powder is necessary to achieve cotton like characteristics.

  2. Set the cotton candy machine on a clean and stable surface and turn on. Fill the floss head with no more than 90% of the way with the candy powder.

  3. After about 30 seconds of the heat being on the cotton candy threads will begin to form. Dip the stick into the cotton candy machine and without moving your hand twirl the stick around, gathering the cotton candy threads. Do not touch the sides of the cotton candy machine while gathering the cotton candy.

  4. Once you have enough cotton candy threads on your stick turn off the machine and enjoy the cannabis cotton candy!

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