Joe Rogan and the Corporate Cannabis Monopolies

Photo by Pixabay Published January 07, 2019 Updated May 13, 2020

Joe Rogan is one of those people who reached a certain level of fame and had no qualms with voicing his option regardless of who he's going to piss off. If you're familiar with Joe Rogan then you most likely are away from his favorable opinions on marijuana legalization.  A few months back, Joe Rogan slammed the corporate monopolies who are trying to take over the marijuana industry in one of his podcasts a handful of months ago. 

On the podcast, Rogan and Joey Diaz conversed about marijuana legalization and Rogan expressed his worries over the corporations taking over the cannabis industry and taking the profitable opportunities away from the home growers.   He's on camera stating “so weed is gonna be legal, but only a couple of companies can grow it and monopolize," Rogan said. “That is such corruption, that’s like saying: you can have tomatoes, but we are the only ones that can grow these f*cking tomatoes. Like why? It’s a f*cking tomato! That’s a law against nature."

If only Congress would tune in to some of the Joe Rogan Experience podcasts, maybe we wouldn't have to try so hard to convince them legalization is the right thing to do!

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