How to Choose the Right Grinder

Updated: Jan 31

How to Choose the Right Grinder Stoner Strategies

Herb grinders are an essential tool when it comes to smoking cannabis especially if you're a blunt or joint enthusiast.  They shred your sweet cannabis or CBD buds into a manageable size that will make your bowl burn evenly, therefore, preventing you from torching the cannabis and won't cause your pipe to clog as often.  

Grinders are available in many sizes such as the super portable mini grinder or an extra-large grinder, the diameter of the grinder is how the size of your grinder is determined.  Need a portable grinder for your next hike in the woods? A mini grinder would be perfect for you!  Like having smoke sessions at home with a bunch of your friends?  Then maybe the extra-large grinder would better suit your needs.  Having a grinder is a great investment, as well as for a more enjoyable smoking experience.  

An important factor to consider before purchasing a grinder is the material it is created from.  The most common type of grinder is made from metal, with acrylic and wood as other varieties.  Generally, wood and acrylic grinders are cheaper but are not nearly as durable as the metal grinders which are usually made from aluminum.

Herb grinders are available containing different parts, the most common are 2-part, 3-part, or 4-part grinders.  The 2-part grinder is the most basic of them all coming with a lid and a tooth grinding part.  3-part grinders come with a lid, a tooth grinding layer, and a chamber.  The benefits of a 3-part grinder allow for the convenience of not having your sticky icky cannabis buds getting stuck in the teeth of the grinding layer.  The 4-part grinder contains everything within the 3-part grinder but contains a special compartment for your magical keif.  A 4-part grinder will have a larger height when compared with a 2 part or 3-part grinder due to the increased layers.

Whether you are purchasing your first grinder or are in need of a fresh new grinder you can now buy with confidence.  Just be sure to carefully consider the information provided before making your next grinder purchase.

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