a retail store, especially a small one.

a small store or department in a large store selling a specific or select type of goods:the ski shop at Smith's.

verb (used without object), shopped, shop·ping.

to visit shops and stores for purchasing or examining goods.

to seek or examine goods, property, etc., offered for sale:Retail merchants often stock their stores by shopping in New York.

verb (used with object), shopped, shop·ping.

to seek or examine goods, property, etc., offered for sale in or by:She's shopping the shoe stores this afternoon.

Chiefly British Informal.

to put into prison; jail.
to behave treacherously toward; inform on; betray.


Straight Tube Clear Glass Chillum

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The sleek and modern clear glass chillums otherwise known as a one hitter is perfect for those who are into microdosing their smoke stash or for those who have a buffet of different strains they want to taste test without having to pack up a whole bowl.

These are perfect for customizing yourself with vinyl decals, oil-based paint pens, or with screen printing :)

Interested in purchasing in bulk or need more than what we have offered in our inventory? Contact us for special rates and to place an order for the black glass pipes you need.

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