How to Use a Nectar Collector in 5 Simple Steps

Updated: Feb 4

How to Use a Nectar Collector in 5 Simple Steps Stoner Strategies

Nectar Collectors provide dabbing on the go with their easy to transport straw-like design.  Unlike your honey bucket or standard dab nail that requires dropping your dab on the hot nail, the heated quartz or titanium tip of the nectar collector is applied into the concentrate from a glass dish.  

  1. When preparing your dab spread your desired amount of concentrate into the glass dish.  

  2. Next heat the tip of your nectar collector as with any of your other dab nails to your desired temperature.  

  3. Using a hot quartz or titanium tip, tap into the concentrates in the glass dish.  

  4. As you suck in the hit of concentrate through the nectar collector it will percolate through the water chamber, cooling the smoke for a smooth smoking experience.

  5. Exhale and store your nectar collector in a safe place.

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