3 Reasons to Try CBD Oil

Updated: Feb 4

3 Reasons to Try CBD Oil Stoner Strategies

There are a million and one reasons to use CBD oil for health and wellness. However, there are other reasons to give CBD oil a try that are outside of the health spectrum.

Here are 3 other reasons to try CBD:

1. CBD Oil Can Be Delivered to Your Door

While cannabis is legal for adults in Canada and Portugal, marijuana is still illegal for many people around the world. In the areas facing marijuana prohibition access can be difficult. However, many people are now capable of easily accessing CBD oil buy making purchases through online retailers. Those living in the United States can now access CBD oil in all 50 states, as well as those across Europe.

2. CBD Oil Does Not Cause A Head High

CBD does not contain any psychoactive effects that will cause you to feel high. Because there is no intoxication with CBD oil you can ingest CBD oil at any point during your day for pain or anxiety relief while remaining clear-headed. Safe to drive, care for children, and loved ones while experiencing the relief you need. 

3. Drug Tests Do Not Screen For CBD

The majority of drug tests administered from employers, the judicial systems, and drug stores test for THC, not CBD. If you purchase high CBD strains with trace amounts of THC, you may fail a drug test. The only way to be sure to pass a drug test is to use purified CBD oil isolates. 

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