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a retail store, especially a small one.

a small store or department in a large store selling a specific or select type of goods:the ski shop at Smith's.

verb (used without object), shopped, shop·ping.

to visit shops and stores for purchasing or examining goods.

to seek or examine goods, property, etc., offered for sale:Retail merchants often stock their stores by shopping in New York.

verb (used with object), shopped, shop·ping.

to seek or examine goods, property, etc., offered for sale in or by:She's shopping the shoe stores this afternoon.

Chiefly British Informal.

to put into prison; jail.
to behave treacherously toward; inform on; betray.


Trippy Eats: A Cannabis and Psilocybin Cookbook - Paperback

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Brand: Stoner Strategies Publishing

Head down the rabbit hole belly-first with Trippy Eats: A Cannabis and Psilocybin Cookbook, the third mind-altering cookbook created by Ava Tyler and published by Stoner Strategies. Not only will this cookbook entice your tastebuds but it will also expand your mind as Ava Tyler dives into the science behind cannabis and psilocybin while providing you with the knowledge necessary to properly prepare edibles with these medicinally beneficial ingredients.

Test your cannabis and psilocybin knowledge and prepare your very own cannabis and psilocybin edibles such as deviled eggs garnished with ahi tuna and bacon, birria tacos, vegan cheesesteaks, Cajun cornbread muffins, banana bread, marshmallows, gummies, and honey & lavender coffee. These recipes are perfect for kitchen newbies with easy recipes such as maple syrup or the lobster ravioli pasta salad while also including recipes for the seasoned home chef with recipes like the rose and pistachio cheesecake recipe with a homemade graham cracker crust.

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