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a retail store, especially a small one.

a small store or department in a large store selling a specific or select type of goods:the ski shop at Smith's.

verb (used without object), shopped, shop·ping.

to visit shops and stores for purchasing or examining goods.

to seek or examine goods, property, etc., offered for sale:Retail merchants often stock their stores by shopping in New York.

verb (used with object), shopped, shop·ping.

to seek or examine goods, property, etc., offered for sale in or by:She's shopping the shoe stores this afternoon.

Chiefly British Informal.

to put into prison; jail.
to behave treacherously toward; inform on; betray.


Mangia Ganja The Complete Guide to Making Perfect Edibles from Scratch - E-Book

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Brand: Stoner Strategies Publishing

Mangia Ganja The Complete Guide to Edibles by Ava Tyler will guide you on your journey into the wonderful world of edibles.As you flip through over 150 pages that include 100+ mind-altering recipes complete with high-quality, full-color photos you will learn how to create and experiment with cannabis the fun way through your food! Included are recipes that cover breakfast to midnight snacks, appetizers, and full gourmet style entrees from other worlds. As well as offering vegan and healthier options that are adaptable to your dietary needs. From cannabis-infused deviled eggs to lobster risotto and Hawaiian pork BBQ burritos and vegan beetroot dip, these delicious recipes are perfect for recreational and medicinal uses. Learn how to easily include edibles into your daily lifestyle with our delightfully delectable and distinctive recipes that will also provide you with insightful information on cannabis. Whether you are new to cooking with edibles or a professional, Mangia Ganja will educate and expand your cooking skills all while you eat yourself high.

Published October 17, 2020

ISBN 978-1-7355469-3-3

Written by Ava Tyler

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